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Homeward Bound is proud to offer Almost Angels, Inc., a “Home Services Placement Agency” and "Private Employment Agency". Almost Angels is licensed by the Illinois Department of Public Health and is insured and bonded. We created this agency to allow our clients flexibility when customizing their home care program. Almost Angels allows you to privately hire one of our professional caregivers by paying a Finder's Fee which is the least expensive home care plan we offer.  After paying our fee, our client will be protected by a caregiver replacement guarantee.

Although caregivers placed through Almost Angels are not our employees, each applicant undergoes the same careful screening process as our Homeward Bound caregivers. Almost Angels and Homeward Bound share the same pool of caregivers. When you call Almost Angels, you will receive the same quality care and office excellence that has made Homeward Bound the leader in home care services for over 30 years. At Almost Angels, we believe the cost of care should not compromise the quality of care. Give us a call, we’re always home!


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